What You Need to Know About Road Assistance

Road assistance and breakdown cover are specific services which help drivers, or cyclists, whose cars have suffered a technical fault, leaving the driver stranded at the roadside. These services can also provide emergency assistance if you are in need of it while you’re stranded at the roadside. Road assistance cover generally covers you for all costs associated with your car in case it is stolen, damaged in an accident or if the car breaks down and needs to be towed to a repair shop. This may include replacement costs for parts and materials which may be necessary to fix the car, as well as any charges incurred by the tow truck company to bring the car to a repair shop.

Road Assistance

In most countries, roadside assistance cover is available as an optional extra on the insurance policy of your vehicle. Road assistance covers will normally only be required in the most severe cases, such as when the car is inoperable or not able to reach a location from where it was originally stolen. This may be necessary in the event that your car is stolen and recovered by the police, in the event that your car breaks down and has to be towed to a shop, or even if your car has been stolen and is left to lie at the roadside.

Road assistance policies vary from one country to the next, as do the laws governing car breakdown assistance. For example, in some countries roadside assistance cover only applies to vehicles that are driven on public roads. In other countries, the minimum level of roadside assistance required is the minimum level of roadside assistance cover mandated by the national law. For example, in France, road assistance cover is mandatory, whereas in some countries it is not even compulsory.

Roadside assistance covers are usually offered by insurance companies as part of their vehicle insurance policies. Some insurers offer such cover as an add-on to a separate vehicle insurance policy, such as a van or a car. Road assistance cover is available from many insurance providers online, as well as through agents who are able to contact your insurance company directly if you choose.

Road assistance cover may cost more than an additional service such as car repair, but it can be worth it if you are stranded at the roadside. If you are stranded because you are driving on a road that is hard to traverse, and you are unable to safely access a nearby repair shop, then you might consider hiring a tow truck to take your car to a repair shop. Road assistance cover will help you out in this situation. You may not need to hire a tow the car to a repair shop, but you can request a tow truck to help you get to a shop where you will be able to take your car in for repairs, or at least have a tow truck to tow it to a workshop so that the shop personnel can get the problem fixed before your car breaks down.

There is also the option of hiring a mechanic to come out to your home and assess the problem, in which case you will be expected to pay for the work the mechanic performs, including the cost of the tow and roadside assistance. However, this is a costly option that is best avoided if you have a small car.

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